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Welcome To The Cutting Edge Of Online Movie Rentals

Welcome To The Cutting Edge Of Online Movie Rentals

The past few years have brought us the online movie rental revolution. No more trips to the video store in the rain, waiting in long lines, or paying late fees. Now the cutting edge of this revolution is making online movie rental easier than ever. Somewhere between Napster and Netflix is the new wave of movie downloads straight to your PC!

Such services allow you to browse their selections by using the easy-to-navigate menu of categories until you find the movie or movies you want. Once you have found your movie, you just pay with your credit card and download straight to your computer. You are ready to watch it when it is convenient to you.

Once you’ve downloaded a movie, it stays on your computer for 30 days. There is no need to watch it the same day you rent it. During the storage period, you can watch the movie any day you wish. See it as many times as you want for 24 hours!

All your favorite genres are available on such services including: comedy, drama, horror, Sci-Fi, romance, and more. These services thrive on always providing the latest new releases.

Would you rather watch your movie on television than your small computer screen? No worries! These services provide you with simple directions for using your PC to watch the downloaded movie on your TV.

Downloading straight to your PC isn’t the only way that such cutting edge services are different from other traditional online rental sites. Most traditional sites out there require you to choose a plan—for example, you can have 3 movies out at a time for $20 a month. Cutting edge services don’t require you to choose a subscription plan because there aren’t any! How many movies you rent each time is totally up to you.

Obviously there are no late fees, and there aren’t any membership fees, either. You pay for the movies you watch—the way is should be! Rental fees begin as low as $1.99. Some also have a daily 99 cent surprise movie; it is different every day.

With traditional online rental companies, what comes in the mail is what you watch. It is hard to know in advance what you’ll be in the mood for when the weekend rolls around. That’s not a problem with this approach. You get the movie you want when you want it.

Another thing that makes this cutting edge is that it is great for travel. Next time the in-flight movie is something you have seen before or don’t care to view, power up your notebook and catch a movie of your choosing. One of the best things is that you can store movies for up to 30 days, so you can plan ahead what you might want to see. Even better, no internet connection is needed during the viewing.

You can even purchase movies through the such services. It works much the same way as renting, but when you download a movie, it stays on your computer forever. Also, it’s no problems to burn a copy to a disk for backup.

Some of these services allow you to try one of their free downloads. There are typically several to choose from. Try one today for free, with no obligation. The only downside to such services is that they often require one of the latest versions of Windows and don’t support Macintosh computers.

Have you seen the future of movie rental? You can find the latest deals on such cutting edge movie rentals at www.discountsonline.com/category/entertainment. It is hard to envision anything more convenient and easy when it comes to viewing your favorite movies!

Hollywood’s Fascination with the Comic Book Superhero

Hollywood’s Fascination with the Comic Book Superhero

The public fascination with comic book superhero characters have been exploited by movie production companies for years. Hollywood has been creating feature length comic book movies, movie serials and TV shows to continue to whet our appitites. But as special effect technology and costume designs became better and better, Hollywood kicked it up a notch with feature-length high budget productions. Superman, the Movie and the 3 sequels started in the 1970s and the ’90s and beyond brought us Batman, The Hulk, the X-Men and the now infamous Spider-Man, to name a few.

Why all this interest in producing comic book superhero movies? Big bucks!! The two Spider-Man movies alone have netted about 800 million dollars apiece in worldwide ticket sales. That’s not chicken feed. This kind of income could not be generated without an avid public interest in comic book movies. So if you feel you are alone in your voracious passion for your own comic book collection, think again.

And now a new twist has been added. Directors, screenplay writers, and even actors are writing for, of all things, comic books now. Big name Hollywood writers are helping to sell more comics. For example, Joss Whedon, perhaps best known for creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has written stories for Marvel in the series Astonishing X-Men. Back in the 90s, who would have known that all these fan boys had been hiding in the Hollywood woodworks waiting for comics to gain some cultural credibility?

If you haven’t followed some of the comic news of the last several months, Stan “the man” Lee has been fighting his personal battle with His life long employer, Marvel Comics. Stan is probably one of the most well known character creators in the comic book industry. He has characters like Batman, Spider-Man and the Hulk credited to his creative imagination.
Seems Stan had a contractual agreement with Marvel for 10% of any revenue acquired by Marvel from comic book superhero movies and TV projects centered on Stan characters. But apparently the high dollar superstructure of the corporate mind doesn’t want to part with all their income. Now this is nothing new, but Stan Lee managed to win the first round for the little guy. The judge presiding over Stan’s case agreed that Stan should receive his share of the agreed on profits.

Now maybe Stan will get his share and maybe he won’t. Sounds like Marvel will be appealing the decision. At any rate, if there weren’t big bucks involved in the production of comic book superhero movies, this case would not have been such an issue.

I believe the near future is going to bring many more of my favorite comic book superheroes to the silver screen. I have already started my own DVD collection and as more comic book superheroes get transferred from the screen to round disc, I will continue to increase the size of my collection. Do you think a DVD comic book movie collection will be worth as much as a comic book collection in the future? Probably not, but that won’t stop me from building my collection anyway.

What does the future hold for comic book superhero movies? It almost seems that we can call the present and near future the Golden Age of the comic book movie. I spend a lot of time researching comic book superheros and creating new content for my comic book site. Is there a movie in the planning stages for your favorite comic book superhero? A frequent visit to my site may inform you as to when you can expect the next comic book movie. See you there.

Download Free PSP Games & Movies

Download Free PSP Games & Movies

Sony’s PSP or Playstation portable is a wonderful example of electronic advancement. It is not just a world class games machine, it can be used with many diverse forms of media, and also be applied with the world wide web. It is a wonderfully versatile and useful piece of hardware, and the one thing that puts many people off is the excessive prices of the games. I’m sure they would look upon things differently if they knew how to download free PSP games and movies.

Everybody knows that the internet is a great source of places to download free games and movies for all kind of different machines, but what is less known is that with the PSP you have some interesting options on how to get this done, and these options are all within the law.

There are so many different places where you can download free PSP games and movies, that it will number well into the thousands. There are basically three broad categories of site you can use.

1- A totally free of charge service. Yes, these sites do genuinely allow you to download games and other material for free. They are very definitely not to be recommended, however. In the first place, it is highly questionable as to whether these sites are legal. Secondly, the games are always old, and many of the downloads don’t even work properly. Thirdly, because these are not ethical sites, you can be sure that you will be bombarded with pop up ads. Finally, and most disturbingly of all, is the strong possibility of your computer being damaged by a virus or spyware. As these sites are on the wrong side of the law, you cannot be sure what they will get up to. By far the best advice is to leave them well alone.

2- A “free” membership site that will allow you unlimited downloads once you have joined them. Although the membership is free, that is where the good news ends, because as soon as you try to access a download they will demand your credit card details and try to get money out of you. This is unethical, as the fees they charge per download are never disclosed in advance. Also, although these sites are probably legal, they still represent poor value for money if you are making a lot of downloads.

3- These types of sites are the ones that should be recommended. Find a reliable site and you will not need to go elsewhere. I have used this type of site to get download games for over a year without paying for one! With this type of site you need to pay an initial joining fee, and that one charge will give you access to the whole database of games and movies. All of these will be at high download speed, which is one of the things the joining fee helps to maintain. This is definitely the best way to download free PSP games and movies because the fee you pay to join is similar to price of a new game in a shop, so in effect you are getting every game released for the PSP for the same price as just one game! Although the download themselves can be difficult, the best of these genuine websites will often provide the necessary software as a part of what you pay for.

Now you have a comprehensive overview of your options when you want to download free PSP games and movies. The best choice is without doubt option 3, as these companies are reputable and honest, and have a very exhaustive range of games and other downloads. Happy hunting!

Movies on Global Warming

Movies on Global Warming

It seems that people are coming from all directions to make movies about global warming. Many people are moved to educate people about the subject and want to reach the widest possible audience. Books do not hold the appeal they once did. Now, people want to sit down and watch a movie to understand subjects like global warming.

Although Al Gore has a book by the same name, most people know An Inconvenient Truth as a feature length documentary movie. The movie boils down to a power-point presentation that Gore has given many times on the subject of global warming. Al Gore simply presents facts in a low-key, personable way. The film includes some biographical information about Al Gore, too.

The 60 Minutes documentary, The Age of Warming, which aired April 1, 2007, is a must-see for those interested in global warming. In it, correspondent Scott Pelley explores Antarctica to find evidence of global warming. There, Pelley finds that the Adelie and Chinstrap penguins are being endangered by loss of habitat. He also finds glaciers that are in the process of rapid melting into lakes. It is an eye opener.

Some fictional movies have been made with the theme of global warming. One is The Day After Tomorrow, starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal. While the science may not be precisely or even nearly right, the special effects are fantastic. It is a good old-fashioned disaster flick with all kinds of natural disasters. Bring out the popcorn, but do not expect to be educated.

An Earth Story, starring Ross Gelbspan and John Hutchison is another of those documentary-type movies. It tells the story about all those scary predictions of climate change due to global warming. The sub-title is An Alternative to Extinction. That alone should explain how dramatic this movie is. The solutions to global warming are equally dramatic.

Not exactly a traditional movie, Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris’ Crisis as Opportunity: Living Better on a Hotter Planet is unique. Instead of being distraught and woeful, Sahtouris views global warming as a natural evolutionary process. She sees it as a beneficial challenge that will help people learn to live together as they never have before.

Energy Crossroads: A burning need to change course, is a documentary movie about the energy crisis. It deals with the amount of oil that will be left in the future and the different ways to overcome that crisis. However, a good part of this movie is devoted to a study of how energy issues are tied to global warming. It points to global warming as one of the reasons humans need to make changes.

There is a set of movies called the Secrets of the Millennium. Probably the best of this series is the one with information on global warming. It is titled Secrets of the Millennium: Man vs. Nature: Who Will Win? It dramatically exposes humans’ desires to control earth, while letting things get out of hand environmentally at the same time.

Many celebrities have made their own movies on global warming. Some of them are not available for viewing yet, and some of them can be seen on the internet. One example is global warming films by Leonardo DiCaprio that can be viewed on his website. As the reality of global warming sets in, more movies will certainly deal with the subject.

Movies, movies, movies in your own home movie theater

Movies, movies, movies in your own home movie theater

We all love to go to the movie theater to relax after a long day of work. Even if you need to tide traffics jams to go to the movie theater, you are willing to endure this to be able to watch a movie. The sight and sound of a movie theater is what makes us go back there every so often. We easily get lost in the movie scene because of the bigger than life pictures and surround sound that takes you there beside the characters in the movie. This may prove to be costly in the end but we continue to do this because we love to go to movie theaters and see movies. If you can bring home a movie theater, it will be good and I am sure you will love the idea. However, before you say no, think again. Going to the movie theaters every single day is definitely costly in the long run. Additionally, if you know the basic components of a home movie theater, you may not think twice and will definitely leave right now to acquire your own home movie theater.

A complete setup of a movie theater in a big room is definitely only accessible to the rich and the famous. However, if you have meager budget, you can have the home movie theater for yourself knowing the basic components and setting up the home movie theater in a smaller room. You may convert you den to a home theater room. You only need the three basic components and you may already enjoy watching movies with no limit.

If you have a television set, which I know you do, that is about 27 inches, you run away spending for the first major component of your home movie theater. The second major component, which I think you have, is the DVD player. If your DVD Player has progressive scan that is wonderful, however, even without progressive scan, your DVD player may work as the second component for your home movie theater. The final piece of the puzzle, which I want you to spend on, is the home theater speakers. You need three high-quality home theater speakers for your home movie theater. You need to place one on the right side, one on the left side and one on the rear center of the room. These are the three basic components of your home movie theater. You may now start enjoying unlimited movie and enjoy watching movies with your whole family. I am sure you will agree with me that this is the best part of owning your own home movie theater.

The set up for your home movie theater with the three basic components is the best perfect setup for small rooms. However, if you have a bigger room for your home movie theater, I am sure you have a bigger budget for your home theater. Then you may want to consider the recommendation of home theater experts, you may add more speakers up to six home theater speakers and may need to compliment it with subwoofer to maintain the surround sound effect for your home movie theater. If you want a bigger picture, you may want to consider buying a home theater projector. You may also acquire home theater seating and television cabinet if you want to compliment the home theater design to make up a complete package for your home entertainment. All these additions to the basic components may be necessary if you have a bigger room. If the room is smaller, then you may only need the three basic components for your home movie theater.

Having to be able to bring home the sight and sound you run after in movie theaters may be very efficient and less costly. Aside form the fact that you enjoy life with your family beside you watching movies after movies in your very own home movie theater.

Internet Distribution


A friend and I were having a discussion recently. I asked him what he thought the next method of distribution for films and music would be. My thoughts were that we would have to come up with some new method that was convenient, sturdy and didn’t involve compression (as CDs and DVDs do, thereby limiting the picture and sound quality, although not very much). He simply said that it wasn’t going to happen; in the future it’s all going to be distributed on the Internet.

I’ve heard this argument before. My grade ten IT teacher assured us that within five years (and this was four years ago) we would no longer be purchasing CDs. With the advent of broadband we were going to see purchases of music and movies online, streamed to the computer or another device. I’ve always thought this was relatively unlikely. I may be in the minority, but I really like the CD and DVD cases. There’s something a bit more tangible to them, more of a feeling of value for money. Plus they look kind of good lined up on a shelf like some new-age library.

Having thought about it for a while now I have no doubt that the Internet is set to become a major distributor of media. When you think about it, it makes sense. Low to no production and distribution costs; you just provide a download location when people send you money. Cutting out the ‘middle man’ has always been an effective way to save money, and in this case you’re cutting out the shop owners, couriers and manufacturers. This should lead to substantial drops in prices (and loss of jobs… but… I have no defence for that. You’re just going to have to find yourselves a new career. Sorry. On the positive side your entertainment costs will go down, so you won’t need the job quite as much…).

Purchasing movies or CDs can be quite expensive. When you’re a bit unsure about whether or not you really want a particular title, the full price is often more than you’re willing to pay. This leads to trawling the second hand shops looking for a cheaper copy or simply pirating the product. Digital distribution opens up whole new areas for the marketers. Different quality streams could be provided at increasing prices. If you’re just interested to see what a film’s like then pay a little and get a low quality version. If the distributor were to offer an upgrade option that takes into account the amount of money already spent on a film, it could become a very attractive offer. This could also reduce the amount of piracy around. Finding and downloading movies is time consuming and irritating. It often takes around twenty hours to download a film, due to varying connection speeds and quality. If the movies were easy to access, cheap to purchase and the servers fast enough for the user to get the movie in around the time it would have taken to go and hire a film, then many of the reasons for pirating would be lost. In terms of hiring films, providing temporary access to online streams of movies for very low cost would work nicely.

Global distribution becomes a lot easier this way. As a big fan of foreign films, I often have to hope that the movies I want to see pop up on EBay, or wait for one of my infrequent trips to a larger city than I live in to visit their markets and/or Chinatown in order to purchase movies. I’d love the option of buying the movies with greater ease online.
There are already a few sites out there offering the purchase of movie downloads, although I’m not sure how the legality and licensing of these ventures works. The content available from the sites is often quite limited (and we’re talking really quite limited here, the most recent flick I found on one site was from 1980), but the right idea is there. Music is also being sold online through such places as the Apple Music Store and the MSN Music Store. These offer songs for download at about $0.99 a song, which is cheap, easy, quick, legal and more likely to get your money to the artists as opposed to the big corporations manufacturing CDs.

So, I’ve come around to the idea of online distribution and its beneficial application to movies, music, software and even books. I still like my colourful boxes and cases but there are some movies that I own simply because I wanted to see them. The local video rental shop didn’t have a copy, so resorting to buying them is an expensive way to see what a film is like. I guess my hopes for a completely uncompressed format are all but lost (not that it really matters any more with the ever increasing quality of technology). If the distributors will just get onto this idea as soon as possible they can solve many of their problems and ours within a very short period of time.

The Mpaa Allows Movie Downloads- Are They Worth Your Dime?

The Mpaa Allows Movie Downloads- Are They Worth Your Dime?

What Are Movie Download Services?
Movie download services are exactly what they sound like: a service that allows you to download movies from the Internet onto your hard drive or a DVD. Though this isn’t a new concept, it is relatively new to the legal world of consumerism. Though ‘pirates’ have been making free download of movies available for quite some time, movie studios are now getting in on the action and offering access to their movies for download the day they hit the stores in DVD format – for a fee, of course.

Who’s Who In Movie Download Services?
In the relatively new world of legitimate movie download services, there are surprisingly many players, but only a few of them are major. There’s Movielink and Sony’s CinemaNow which offer old and new movies for purchase or 24 hour rental. Rental fees are comparable to the local video store but purchase is more expensive than if you were to buy the DVD. ClickStar, backed by Danny DeVito among other big names in Hollywood, is another up and comer in the world of movie download services, but this one’s draw is that it will offer movies for download while they are still showing in the theater. It will also feature a streaming channel devoted to documentaries.

AT&T is teaming up with Vongo, another movie downloading site, to offer its DSL service in concert and duo promotions. Different from Movielink and CinemaNow, Vongo is a subscription service offered for a monthly fee which allows its members unlimited access to movies, videos, and a streaming Starz channel. Pay per view movies are available as well for an additional fee.

Movie Download Services: The Nitty Gritty

– Price – Ranging anywhere from $10-$20, the irony is downloading movies legally isn’t cheap. In order to appease the retailers who make big bucks on DVDs released in stores, the online downloading services are keeping their fees in the clouds. Which of course, doesn’t hurt their pocketbook, either.

– Availability – It depends. Different services have different deals with different movie studios. As for old movies, those are being added all the time. But the nice thing is, if they have it, you can get it – instantly.

– Space – You will need between 1200 and 2000 MBs of free space to store your movie. Depending on your system, this may be a lot or a little. Some services may allow you to burn your download to a DVD, but only if you’re buying the movie and even then, most won’t.

– Download Time – This is no time for dial-up, that’s for sure. Anything DSL and faster should get you your movie in under an hour with an average of 35 to 40 minutes, and that’s if you want it fast and grainy. If you’re willing to wait a little longer, say, up to two hours, you can download a higher quality version. A nice feature that some services offer is the ability to start watching the movie while it’s still downloading.

– Technical Requirements – At least Windows Media Player 10, fast Internet connection, Internet Explorer 6.0, Windows XP. You might be able to get away with older versions, but it isn’t recommended. And yes, did you note – it’s all PC and no Mac. That’s right. PC users only, please.

– Computer Viewing Only – Currently, that’s the state of things. That is, unless you choose a service that allows you to download it to some other electronic handheld device of your choosing, like PSP or iPod. Of course, you could always use an S-video jack to hook your computer to your TV and watch it on the big screen. Some services allow limited DVD burning, but they may restrict the DVD to playing only in the computer to which the movie was downloaded, allowing your fancy DVD player to gather dust.

– Buy Versus Rent – It’s a strange situation at this point, but different studios offer different services different licenses to different movies. So, you may only be able to rent a title through one service that another is offering for sale. Other services may not have any access to certain titles while others do. There’s no standard just yet, so it’s a bit of a crap shoot.

What’s the Benefit of Movie Download Services?
Convenience! Forget long lines at the theater, the video store being out of a new release, or waiting in virtual queue to get your mailed DVD through a subscription service. No more concern about court cases and legal fees for downloading movies illegally or spyware from file sharing applications that will slow down your computer if not cripple it beyond repair. Then, of course, there’s the fact that you can watch the newest movies as many times as you like on your personal computer and instantly upon purchase – no waiting and no driving to the store.

What’s the Downside of Movie Download Services?
At the moment, cost and restricted viewing access. You may not necessarily want to watch a movie on your computer when you just invested $2000 in a big screen HDTV. And you may not want to invest $20 in a movie that you can’t even resell online if you don’t like it. If you have a slow internet connection, the download time may be a bummer, too, especially if you’re trying to use your computer for other things while the process slows your computer to a painful snail pace. And if you use a Mac, well, obviously, the downside is that movie download services simply don’t exist. Then, what if a virus infects the computer where all your movies are stored? Yup. Have to buy them all over again.

Movie Download Services – Yay or Nay?
The state of affairs being what they are – that is, in their ugly braces and zits prepubescent stage – probably nay. Remember the first BETA machines? Or the $700 CD players back in the ’80s? When movie download service lowers their prices and speed up the technology, allow for actual DVD burnings that include the extras and TV viewings as well as access to films that are still in theaters, then yay! In the meantime, sticking with higher quality DVDs that don’t discriminate against Mac users and big screen television sets and allow for resale later on. Unless you have to see the movie This Very Second, movie download services are not yet the incredible service they have the potential to be in the future.

I Come From the Movie Planet, How About You?

I Come From the Movie Planet, How About You?

When people ask me where I am from I often reply jokingly, “I’m from the Movie Planet.’ That’s what I reckon people from other planets would call us here on Earth. How many movies have I watched in my life? How many hours have I sat in front of a small or big screen watching a story unfold, acted out by my fellow species? The answer is almost inconceivable. We worship film as an arena to learn, dream, escape, and even vicariously live our lives from. We pay actors millions of dollars, more than doctors as well as nearly all the rest of us, and a lot of us see them as superhuman beings that are a step above the rest in our perceived realm of mundane normality that we have constructed our lives in. A lot of the time the result of this belief structure causes a lot of pain for these ‘famous’ souls who would rather just live a normal life outside their work. The hounding paparazzi definitely don’t make the actors feel superhuman!

Look, I like watching movies a lot, maybe even more than the ‘average person’, I just wonder about the relationship we have with this imagined reality we so often connect with. We choose to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on some movies like ‘Independence Day’ that end up being bombs in the box office, while there are billions of people in true reality on Earth who have nothing to eat. It seems like madness if you look at it from that angle. Do we watch these visions of ‘ourselves’ doing things so that we don’t have to think about what hard work we have to do in our real lives?

Even as I sit here on a Friday afternoon I am wondering if I should grab a DVD tonight to watch as an attempt to relax at home after a pretty hard working week. The funny thing is if I grab the ‘wrong’ type of movie, I may end up more stressed out than I am right now! So, am I addicted to these things? Are we all? I’ll let you think about it. To focus on the positive side of things, we must realize that we can learn so much from our experiences with the movies. We wouldn’t have become obsessed over nothing, now would we? I myself learn a lot and get to experience many emotions during the engrossing visual experience. I mean, I do have a big enough range of feelings in my real life, but it’s kind of cool being able to be in ‘The Matrix’ (maybe we already are?), or to be ‘Spiderman’ for a day, or maybe live in a weird world like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ for a few hours.

If you do love movies, these days there is one place to go that you can find out just about nearly anything and everything about a film, and even watch trailers of the shows. It’s called the Internet Movie Database or IMDB. Google it, or look for it on your other search engine. I believe this website started up very small from someone who just wanted to talk about movies. Now, it receives over 25 million ‘visits’ a month. It literally has everything you ever need to know about films. It gives biographies on movies, the actors and directors involved, as well as comments and ratings from people who have wanted to express their feelings about the films in question. For some of the movies, especially new ones that haven’t opened in theatres yet, there are previews and trailers you can watch right at your computer to tell you if you really think you should go and see it or not.

There’s also cool lists made up by visitors to the site like ‘Top 250 films’, and ‘100 worst films of all time’. There are articles related to the movie industry as well as many other interesting categories to look at like ‘Independent films’ and ‘Award winners’. Really, you’ve got to check it out yourself to see what I mean.

Whether you think movies are a great achievement by humanity to learn and be entertained with, or an obsession that has gone way too far, it looks as though they are here to stay. The questions remain: Is your life as good as the movies you watch? If you spend as much time in virtual reality as reality itself, what planet do you really come from?

How Much Is Your Popcorn Worth?


Could buying popcorn in a theatre be a ‘conditioned’ response? Could it be that people are ‘trained’ to believe that movies and popcorn go ‘hand in hand’ – and that one without the other is….”incomplete?” And, therefore, price is just not an issue at all?

What a powerful place to be as a marketer, wouldn’t you agree?
Of course, there are some customers who fall in the above group yet still aren’t completely happy with the experience. They still end up buying the popcorn because the desire to have popcorn with their movie outweighs the pain of having to pay the higher price.
Here are more answers that I received…
“It is marketed as all part of the movie going experience! And they’ve got a captive audience – you can’t get it in there unless you buy it from them. So if you want to experience the movie it it’s fullest extent, you need to get the popcorn, and it needs to be their popcorn.”
And another…
“First off may I say it is the conditioning that the movie theatres, producers etc have done. Movies and popcorn go hand in hand. The movie goer has been conditioned all throughout life, so that is what is on their minds when going to a movie. Once at the movies the smell of popcorn cooking, the power of the senses reinforces the thought of movies and popcorn. Once at the movies you are a captive audience.”
Yep. As, you can see, there’s more than one marketing principle at work here. Stacked on top of each other, these strategies produce the overall result that’s very powerful and very effective.
I’ll go over each one below. And…I’ll also cover one big mistake movie theatres are making.
Let’s discuss the various marketing principles that are involved in “popcorn marketing”:
1. Conditioning and Programmed Responses
Since childhood, people have been ‘conditioned’ to associate popcorn with movies. Growing up, many of us enjoyed popcorn with our favourite movies, and we now see a bag of popcorn as an addition to the “overall” movie-enjoying experience. Some of us even see it as a ‘requirement’ to watching a movie.
Here’s how one of my smart subscribers explained it…
“I think cinemas are relying on a very strong emotion — nostalgia. Many of our happiest memories from childhood probably involve experiencing wonderful movies, maybe Bambi or Mary Poppins. It is likely that popcorn accompanied these life-changing events. Whenever we go to see a movie, popcorn will be linked with some of our happiest memories. I’m surprise they can’t get away with charging more!”
Bingo! We have been conditioned and ‘trained’ to believe that movies and popcorn go hand in hand. Watching a movie without having popcorn somehow doesn’t seem ‘complete.’
Eating popcorn by itself may or may not do anything for people. But, having popcorn while enjoying a movie is the “icing on the cake.” It enhances the movie-going experience.

Yet, others are conditioned to want to munch on ‘something’ while they’re watching a movie, be it popcorn, a hotdog, or any other snack. Because of this conditioning, they will buy something from the concession stand, despite the high prices.

But here’s what’s really interesting… movie theatres didn’t create this demand or ‘conditioned’ response. They simply aligned with an ‘existing’ demand, an existing ‘conditioning’ and fulfilled it.
What are the other demands and ‘conditioning’ mechanisms that exist around you which you could tap into and profit from? Look around. I’m sure you’ll start to see many of them once you shift your focus towards that.

Tips When Choosing a Movie Download Site

Tips When Choosing a Movie Download Site

The Internet is swamped by numerous Websites today that are offering tons of videos. Yes, watching videos is now made possible because the speed and power of the online media continues to rise. Have you heard about downloading and watching movies online? Many users are now using the Internet because of the countless movie download sites.

Are you confused because there are just too many movie download sites today? Have you tried some of them and end up being just disappointed and frustrated? You should be very discerning and careful when choosing a movie download site, most especially if you are paying for required memberships and subscriptions. Here are several guidelines that could help you do so.
Choose a movie download site that is offering unlimited downloads. Many Websites are offering membership options for numerous or unlimited downloads. Doing so would be very beneficial in the long run especially if you are addicted to downloading and viewing movies through the Internet. However, take note that most of movie download sites that offer unlimited downloads are charging much more compared to those that are charging on limited downloads.

Many Internet users are misled by the price difference between sites that offer limited and unlimited movie downloads. First of all, sites that offer limited downloads for a certain period would naturally charge less compared to those that are offering unlimited downloads. If you are not into downloading and watching movies across the Internet, the limited option would be right for you. If you intend to watch one or just a handful of titles, you are better off in such memberships. However, if you are into regularly watching movie downloads the unlimited option would be the best. It would cost you much more if you download movies beyond the limits in limited memberships.

Make sure the movie download site you chose is offering a wide array of movie titles. It is always best to enjoy the widest selections of titles, and even games, music, and television shows. It would be appropriate if you would first check on a site’s portfolio or list of movies before you finally decide to secure a membership. You should be sure that you would not be stuck in a membership that you would not actually enjoy. You have all the right to do the necessary checking. The best movie download sites are those with the biggest portfolio of titles and those that are at the same time committed to expanding their range.

Lastly, take note of the video or movie quality. The best are those sites that offer DVD-quality movies. However, be careful because most membership Websites know this. Thus, they promise DVD-quality movies. It is only after you finalized membership that you would realize that such sites are only offering substandard quality of movies. It is just frustrating to wait long hours downloading a movie file and then getting disappointed with the video quality.

There is nothing better than staying at home and watching your favorite movies. If you are a home buddy and you value company of your family, patronizing movie download sites’ services would be best for you. There is no more need to spend too much for buying and renting DVDs or getting to movie houses to watch a movie.