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19 Reasons To Watch “Can’t Hardly Wait” With Ethan Embry Tonight


Yesterday, Ethan Embry (aka Preston Meyers) tweeted the following:

Can’t Hardly Wait is one of 89 movies about to be booted from Netflix instant streaming on January 1, 2014. This is one of the many reasons you should watch it (WITH the movie’s star, Ethan Embry, who is adorable) tonight. Here are the others.

1. If you didn’t realize it before, now you know: 1998’s Can’t Hardly Wait is the PERFECT New Year’s Eve movie.

Good news! Now you DO have plans!

2. This is a movie about starting one chapter and ending another.

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Remember that it’s okay if you aren’t with your soulmate on New Year’s Eve, and that thing about NYE being a foreshadow of how your entire year will be is probably not even true.

3. The movie perfectly represents every stereotypical (but SO REAL) high school character you went to school with.

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4. The movie features a number of “before they were famous” actors, like Jennifer Love Hewitt at her teen icon babeliest, dressed in various shades of 90s blue.

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5. And Jason Segel as one of the two token party stoners.

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6. And Seth Green, as the most likable wannabe tough kid with tiny braids in his hair there ever was.

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7. The already-famous Melissa Joan Hart appears (uncredited!) as Yearbook Girl.

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Every high school has one.

8. The movie’s nerd group features two UFO-obsessives wearing X-Files t-shirts.

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<3 <3 <3

9. Donald Faison and Breckin Meyer are one-half of the iconic high school band Love Burger, which never actually gets around to playing music.

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10. Denise Fleming is the best too-cool everywoman, who is SO OVER IT.

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11. She is very wise. This is a very instructive film.

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12. William Lichter’s inspirational transformation from dork outcast to life of the party gave us all hope.

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13. Kenny teaches us that you can always reinvent yourself.

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14. Sometimes the most valuable advice comes not from the person you wanted to ask (Barry Manilow) but someone you never expected to help (Jenna Elfman as a stripper in an angel outfit).

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15. This guy wearing a pink tank top under a blue mesh cap-sleeve shirt reminds us that the passage of time isn’t always such a bad thing.

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16. And William teaches us … this.

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17. Preston and Amanda made us believe in dreamy, socially unlikely teen love.

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18. There’s only one problem: Preston writes a love letter to Amanda that we NEVER GET TO SEE.

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What does it saaaaaayyyyy.

19. And finally, watch Can’t Hardly Wait for this SHOCKING 2013 revelation:

No. Way.

What other secrets might Ethan Embry reveal during tonight’s live-watch? (WHAT THE LETTER SAID, MAYBE??)

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You’ll have to track the GREAT hashtag #BarryManilow to find out.

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