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25 Reasons Why “Home Alone 2” Is Way Better Than The Original


1. New York City > Chicago Suburbs

2. The Talkboy

The Talkboy

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Also know as the greatest movie prop of all time.

5. The Most Magical Toy Store Ever!

6. Mr. Duncan and His Turtle Doves.

7. Sticky Bandits > Wet Bandits

8. Kevin’s Loving, and Not at All Creepy, Relationship with the Bird Lady

9. The Fact That the Bird Lady Lived in the Attic of Carnegie Hall

BONUS: Brenda Fricker’s maternal instincts were also showcased in Angels in the Outfield as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s foster mom.

10. The Finest Idiots in New York City

11. Rob Schneider Getting Gum as a Tip

12. Ally Sheedy as the Ticket Agent!

13. “Little Moe with the Gimpy Leg…”

Outwitting the admittedly dim-witted Plaza staff is still more impressive than tricking the pizza delivery guy.

14. Creepy-Ass Tim Curry

15. Extinguish Head in Kerosine-Filled Toilet > Snow

16. Kevin Goes Sightseeing with a Polaroid Camera

17. Kevin Knocking Buzz Off the Bleachers

18. The Fact that Someone Thought This Was a Human Being…

19. The Cab Drivers Were Terrifying*

Which instilled a fear of cabs, and therefore forcing an entire generation to either walk or learn the subway system.

20. Marv Getting Electrocuted

21. Large Lead Pipe > Paint Cans

22. Christmas at the Plaza

23. John Williams’ typically wonderful beautiful score “Christmas Star.”

25. This Iconic Line of Dialogue…

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