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How Right-Brained Are You Actually?


Is your mind a righty or a lefty? Like, if this stuff was real.

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    1. ✓ Do people call you out on daydreaming all the time?
    2. ✓ Are you kind of daydreaming right now?
    3. ✓ Do you enjoy writing?
    4. ✓ Drawing?
    5. ✓ Playing music?
    6. ✓ Do you have an unusually good visual memory?
    7. ✓ As in, you remember the words on flashcards visually instead of processing the actual words?
    8. ✓ Do you get easily restless?
    9. ✓ (Are you restless right now?)
    10. ✓ Do you like listening to music while you work?
    11. ✓ How about having the TV in the background?
    12. ✓ Even if either of these things actually distracts you?
    13. ✓ (Do you secretly enjoy the distraction?)
    14. ✓ Are you good at metaphors?
    15. ✓ How about memorizing music pretty quickly after hearing it?
    16. ✓ Do you prefer to look at the big picture instead of the smaller details?
    17. ✓ Do you prefer fantasy worlds over reality?
    18. ✓ And do you enjoy thinking about things that will probably never happen?
    19. ✓ Do you like to things to happen more spontaneously?
    20. ✓ And is it partially because you’re bad at planning ahead in general?
    21. ✓ Do you like to skip back and forth between projects instead of focusing on just one?
    22. ✓ And do you have trouble finishing something even if you’re really close to finishing?
    23. ✓ Do you hate math?
    24. ✓ But are you also weirdly OK at geometry?
    25. ✓ Do you learn better by talking things out rather than reading a textbook?
    26. ✓ And do you prefer to learn via trial-and-error rather than reading a manual or textbook?
    27. ✓ Do you keep things kind of cluttered?
    28. ✓ But do you also almost always manage to find what you’re looking for?
    29. ✓ When buying something new, do you seldom do any research beforehand?
    30. ✓ And do you like to pick things using your intuition?
    31. ✓ Do you get puns?
    32. ✓ More importantly, do you enjoy making them?
    33. ✓ Are you bad at remembering people’s names?
    34. ✓ But are you also freakishly good at remembering faces?
    35. ✓ When someone insults you, do you get more angry at their tone than their words?
    36. ✓ And do you find people who cling to words annoying?
    37. ✓ Do you like to watch movies not everyone’s heard of?
    38. ✓ How about music?
    39. ✓ Do you enjoy analyzing the broader themes in books and film?
    40. ✓ Are you an actor?
    41. ✓ Or do you want to be an actor?
    42. ✓ Do you often question morality and how we determine what is right and wrong?
    43. ✓ And do you care more about why a person did something wrong over the fact that they did it?
    44. ✓ Do you procrastinate a lot?
    45. ✓ Are you procrastinating right now?

Show me my results!

How Right-Brained Are You Actually?

  1. You are totally left-brained! You live a structured and organized life, always having your goals clearly outlined and therefore never wasting a moment. You’re a perfectionist who can always be depended on to follow directions and read everything, making you generally successful in all your endeavors. But also, left/right brains don’t really exist, so there’s nothing stopping you from being who you want to be!

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  2. You are mostly left-brained with your feet firmly on the ground, but that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate art or don’t daydream from time to time. That would be silly, especially since it’s been scientifically proven that left and right brains don’t exist.

    Disney / Via klainernity.tumblr.com

  3. You are equally left and right-brained, getting the best of both worlds. You tend to be organized and logical in everything you do, but you’re equally drawn to spontaneity and creativity. You simply can’t be confined to one side of your brain, and that’s totally fine, especially since left and right brains aren’t actually real.

    Disney / Via waltdisneyspixiedust.tumblr.com

  4. You are mostly right-brained and have a deep love for the arts and all things magical. That being said, you also enjoy pursuing the more practical endeavors in life and are generally really organized, especially since left and right brains don’t actually exist.

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  5. You are mostly right-brained, with a penchant for the arts and strong creative talent. You enjoy daydreaming and are easily drawn into fictional worlds, often wishing you lived there instead. You have the ability to notice things other people don’t, and focus on the gray areas instead of black-and-white morality. But also, clean your room. Left and right brains don’t actually exist, so there’s no excuse. 🙂

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