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5 Things To Do If It Rains This MDW And You Still Want To Turn Up


People usually look forward to spending time outside and enjoying thewarm weather on Memorial Day Weekend. There really is nothing like an outside barbecue that lasts from the early afternoon until late in the evening complete with good food and even better: laughs. And of course, splashing around in somebodys pool is always the wave.

Ill keep my fingers crossed for Mother Nature to be kind, but in case my Weather Channel forecast is right and Monday is a wet one, a back-up plan has to be in place.

Rainy days arent a bummer when you know how to have a good time no matter what.

If Memorial Day brings us showers, then here are a few ways to still make it the ultimate fun weekend.

1. Try an escape room.

Escape rooms have been opening up all over the country and are the perfect inside outing. The escape room is a closed space (thats actually pretty large most times) with a series of clues and tests that you must solve in order to get out of the room on the other side. There is usually a theme associated with the room, and dont be surprised if there is actually are rooms your room.

I tried one called Exit Strategy in Charlotte, North Carolina with a group of friends and our theme was something similar to King Arthurs court. Before escaping the castle (our room), we had to ward off a dragon. The room was super tech-ed out with HD screens operating as the windows to the castle and displaying the dragon. My group had to use clues in the room everything from incognito light fixtures to figurines to wands hidden in the room to finally escape.

The game usually has a time frame that you decide on before entering and there are usually multiple escape rooms in one building with varying levels of difficulty,making it also very kid-friendly.

Long story short, try it. Whether you actually make it out (its not easy, but some people do), or end up being retrieved by an employeewhen the buzzer sounds, youll stay dry and have a great time.

2. Visit your local barcade.

Maybe a rainy day isnt the night for regular bar-hopping, but you can still grab your loved ones and head to a bar that not only keeps the drinks flowing, but also serves up nostalgic games from your childhood.

If you didnt grow up playing enough video games, then most barcades also offer other hands-on games like pool, foosball, darts and more.

3. Have game night at the house.


This is probably the cheapest option because you get to invite everyone to your home, probably pot luck it up instead of cooking everything yourself, and you can purchase whole bottles of liquor instead of over-priced bar drinks. Yes, this is definitely your time to show off the drink mixing skills youve acquired thanks to Pinterest.

Pull out your board game staples like Sorry and Trouble, but also dont be afraid to try any new ones. Pit the guys against the girls or the teens against the adults. Keep some nice music in the back or a funny movie. There will always be beauty in a chill night at home.

4. Find a dinner theater.


Instead of doing dinner and a movie, why dont you combine the two? The only thing better than enjoying a movie in the theater is enjoying one while delicious food is being served to you instead ofplain, dry popcorn.

5. Try indoor extreme laser tag.

Laser tag isnt just for the kiddos; just ask Vanessa Hudgens. Look up an indoor laser tag spot in or around your city, thenget a gang of your friends together for a few rounds.Its also important to call ahead of time to find out if they take reservations (which often have group minimums) or take walk-ins.

Most of the time, rounds are 15 minutes long and you wont believe how tiresome that time frame can be. Book about three or four sessions, with breaks in between. You may even luck up and find a laser tag spot that also serves up food and drinks.

Remember, the most important part about Memorial Day is spending it with the people you love the most. As long as youve got your squad with you, then a good time is definitely in the cards rain or shine.

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