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21 Sneaky Hacks For A Secret Place To Hide Your Valuables


Take these storage hackers and notions for a secret place to hide your hoard to make it hard for burglars to get them.

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In this article 😛 TAGENDHidden Chair Compartment“Hidden Storage” BooksAir Return StashOld Deodorant StashFalse Bottom DrawerDoortop StashHidden Jewelry BoxBeachy Storage SofaDIY Hollow Secret Stash BookHidden CabinetDIY Secret ShelfToe- Kick StorageVHS Tape Secret CompartmentSecret Hiding Container“Hidden Treasure” ContainerBookshelf Storage SpotDIY Side Table with Hidden StorageSecret Log BoxDIY Globe Cash KeeperHidden Key StorageSecret Mirror Compartment for GunsA Secret Place to Hide Valuables: DIY Secret Hiding Places1. Hidden Chair Compartment

| Give your guests a astound found in their seats at a party, or stash away your valuables in this chair’s cushion without giving away any hint. This clever move won’t give away your secret items, especially because you are sitting on top of it.

2.” Hidden Storage” Books

| Disguise your storage as books in this creatively put design. There’s no chance someone would even look at it, especially if they’re not bookworms.

No need to go for your favorite volumes. Go to surplus shops to buy books that you wouldn’t bother reading.

3. Air Return Stash

| A great style to stash valuables is to set them where nobody would suspect like an air vent hidden safe. In this case , no one would bother checking this area of the house, unless if he’s a seasoned burglar, or has a sneaky place like this in his home too.

4. Old Deodorant Stash

| It would really be astounding for someone to take a hold of your toiletries or even rummage and open each item in your bathroom or vanity, so that make-ups this deodorant concealing trick a pro.

5. False Bottom Drawer

| Cabinet are truly reliable storage items, even for your important stuff. Scared of exposing them? Create a false bottom area inside your cabinet.

A visitor will not mind going through the bottom of every cabinet anyway, especially if he has gotten what he needs from a cabinet.

6. Doortop Stash

| A burglar wouldn’t waste his time looking into every robber and corner of your house for possible items to snag. Thus, this doorstop stash is an effective way of concealing fund or small jewelry for safety.

7. Hidden Jewelry Box


Hiding your jewelry while keeping it organized has never been this easy till this nifty hidden jewelry box came along. Effective and creative, you can mount this in your room, bathroom, or living room without anyone suspecting.

8. Beachy Storage Sofa

| This sofa can cater to your family and guests while hiding important items underneath. It’s also sturdy and decorative on the outside and reliable inside, it would really be a worthy move to create one.

9. DIY Hollow Secret Stash Book

| This trick never gets old. In a bunch of books , no one could possibly bother opening each one to see if you have something to hide.

From small items to foldable ones like cash or important papers, this can be your go-to sneaky stash item.

1 0. Hidden Cabinet

| We all have that hole between our cabinets that can accommodate an envelope or two. So it’s safe to hide some of your cash in this area.

Just don’t forget that you’ve set something in there! Small tip: Attach a small piece of rope to your item to take them out from the spot easily.

1 1. DIY Secret Shelf

| An innocent and helpful shelf on the outside, a trustworthy container on the inside. This secret shelf should be a part of your home.

It would be easy to hide away items and get them the moment you need them, or when you are confronting unlikely situations.

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1 2. Toe- Kick Storage

| The most usual areas to search and easy to find are those that are eye level and going up, so a toe kick space is something that can be helpful when you want to hide something out of peripheral vision, literally.

Stash away the things you may need usually so even in hiding, you can still easily access it.

1 3. VHS Tape Secret Compartment

| Who would bother looking at a VHS? No one. That’s why this stimulates it the perfect hiding place for cash and small jewelry.

People would just commend you for being a lover of something vintage, but actually you are a lover of wine storage.

1 4. Secret Hiding Containers

| In a sea of receptacles, it won’t be easy to randomly pick and open a can- more so a mayonnaise- that happens to be your sneaky secret hiding place for valuables, and that makes it so effective.

From soda cans to pickle jars, these containers are some of the best stash safe for your valuables and cash.

1 5.” Hidden Treasure” Container


A burglar does not bother looking at food storage items, like this one, so he won’t bother even to think that items are stored here. What a great disguise, right? He won’t have time to check all your snack containers too.

1 6. Bookshelf Storage Spot

| Remember those movies with small secret hiding compartments in their shelves? Well , now you’ll have your own with this tutorial.

You can even make use of other vertically-stored items like magazines.

1 7. DIY Side Table with Hidden Storage

| No one would ever stop and think that a chic table like this is hiding something. While it serves as a decorative and functional piece, this hidden storage space fits any room.

1 8. Secret Log Box


Perhaps one of the most efficient disguises would be this log box. You can also make use of reclaimed wood too.

Just make sure that they’re wide and big enough to accommodate a structure like this.

1 9. DIY Globe Cash Keeper

| The cash is hidden in this globe to remind you to save for travel. But more so, it’s also a good way to hide your fund in a wide space without giving away any hints.

After all, a globe is no place for fund or jewelry, right? Exactly.

2 0. Hidden Key Storage

| It may look like a framed painting, but underneath could be a series of rings to hold your keys or even hide away a small vault. Just make sure that they don’t unhinge themselves at the slightest movement.

2 1. Secret Mirror Compartment for Guns

| This compartment can disguise itself as a mirror, but it can hold your rifles inside for easy access. What attains this compartment so awesome is the fact that it’s not as bulky as its actual handgun cabinet counterparts.

This video from Make teaches us how to create a multi-book storage container-another idea for a secret place to hide your goodies 😛 TAGEND

Now, you can get creative in storing your items, so no need to hide them under the bed or under the cupboard. Get past that and create new secret hiding places for you to use.

Having a secret place to hide your hoard is an effective way of maintaining your valued items safe and not within easy access to everyone, visitors, and family alike. We can’t predict the future, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Do you have any ideas for a secret place to hide valuables? Let us on the secret and share them in your commentaries segment below!

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