Ellen Adds Dancing To Christmas Movies

Miss some decent body action in classic Christmas flicks? Good thing Ellen comes to help! “Ellen is spreading extra holiday cheer with this entertaining combination of holiday films and dancing!” via: likecoolRead more:

The Only Christmas Movies That Are Acceptable To Watch This Holiday Season

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we’ve all gained 20 pounds, gone down the dark road that is family time, and are on the darker road to Chrismahanakwazakah, it’s time to round up the absolute best ways to kill time alone because sweatpants is all that fits us right now holiday movies. Yah, we’ve all seen them a million...

6 Superhero Movies With Baffling Tie-In Products

It shouldn't be hard to make tie-in products for a superhero movie. Pump out a bunch of action figures and collectibles, write some prequel comic books, maybe team up with KFC to sell a Magneto Munchie Combo -- it's not rocket science. But every now and then, someone tries to get creative, and the results are so bizarre...

22 Unbelievably Distracting Details In Movies And TV Shows

We know we complain a lot about how Hollywood can screw up some complicated things such as "storytelling" and "having a plot that makes sense," so we won't do that today. Instead, we'll just complain about the little, basic everyday things filmmakers can't seem to get right. ( Shout out to Porter. for the contest idea, and giving...

20+ Horror Movie Cliches That Youll Notice Next Time Youll Watch These Movies

With Halloween just around a corner, many of us are preparing to binge-watch horror movies. Good scary films can set a perfect Halloween mood, by making us shiver with fear and suspense. However, there are also plenty of films that leave us just plain confused, rather than scared. This is usually because they are either ridiculously predictable, or just...

These Five Animated Movies Look Different In Every Country

We all know and love Pixar and Disney productions, as they take great care in engaging the audience and showing them similarities between the characters and themselves. Or did you really think ice hockeywas the most popular sport in Brazil as well? Read more:

4DX theaters seek to enhance movies as sensory experience

(CNN)As blockbuster movies become more like roller-coaster rides, it's perhaps only natural that theaters -- eager to give people incentive to leave the house -- would seek to further augment that sensory experience.Read more:

The Greatest Flippin’ Supercut of Not-Swearing in Movies

Read more:

Grassley: ‘Booze or women or movies’ are reasons people don’t invest

Washington (CNN)Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, offered a frank explanation over the weekend of who would benefit from a provision in the Senate tax bill that virtually eliminates the estate tax for all but a very small number of Americans."I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing," Grassley told the Des Moines Register. "As...

Red Star Over Hollywood: Dr. Evil Says China Wants the Movies

The billboard towers over Sunset Boulevard, a marionettists hand, a la The Godfather posters of decades ago, pulling the strings in Hollywood. It poses an unsettling question: Chinas Red Puppet? "Chinas Red Puppet" billboard in L.A. Photographer: Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images The sign is the work of Rick Berman, a lobbyist on...