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6 great shows and movies inspired by comic strips


The Peanuts Movie is No. 2 at the box office as I write this, having pulled in just over $83 million domestically since opening earlier this month. Clearly, theres still a lot of love for Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest, but Peanuts is just one tiny slice of the long history of comic strips being adapted for film, television, even video games. With Peanuts once again in the pop-culture conversation in a big way, we here at the Dot decided to look back at some of our favorite comic strip adaptations over the years, beginning with our favorite creepy/kooky clan

1) The Addams Family

Beatles or Stones? Flight or invisibility? The question of Munsters or Addams Family? may not precipitated quite as many bar arguments as those first two, but I think it says just as much about you as a person. I was always squarely on the Addams side of the equation. The Munsters may look more overtly horrific, but its only skin deep; under the neck bolts and widows peaks, theyre a bunch of pussycats. But the Addams clan? There was a real sense of darkness and genuine, well, ookiness lurking behind even their most mundane adventures in the 1964 TV seriesthe unsettling DNA of cartoonist Charles Addams morbid masterpiece comic strip surviving even the diluting effect of network television. That macabre brilliance is even better translated into the pair of films directed by Barry Sonnenfeld in the early 90s.

The original Addams Family TV series ran for only two seasons on ABC from 1964-1966, but the longer seasons of the day meant that comprised a whopping 64 half-hour episodes. You can watch the entire run of The Addams Family on Hulu. As for the excellent movieswhich still hold up brilliantly, by the wayboth The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values (1993) are currently available on Netflix Instant. John Astin or Raul Julia as Gomez? Thats a choice nobody should have to make, so we recommend you just binge watch all of it.

Illustration by Max Fleishman

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