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8 Scary Movies Streaming On Netflix You Should Watch To Celebrate Friday The 13th


Every Friday the 13th is a mini-holiday for people who love horror movies as we celebrate a day full of superstitions and the namesake of one of the movie franchises that created the horror world we love today. Here are some suggestions for a lovely scary movie night to have with your partner tonight:


I randomly watched this movie one night without hearing anything about it beforehand, it was a total Netflix roulette — one of the best movie gambles I’ve ever taken. The plot is standard (but still creepy): a couple on a honeymoon at a remote cabin in the woods. However, it manages to feel totally fresh and new (and scary). And as a bonus, the lead actress is my favorite cast member.


If you liked you will love . The plot is very unsettling as a small group of campers are targeted by masked madmen for no apparent reason.

Children of the Corn

Growing up in a rural town with a of corn fields this entire series was a staple for everyone I knew. All I really remembered was how cheesey the series got as it went on but I recently rewatched the original and , this Stephen King story is . Definitely worth a rewatch, especially for anyone who knows what “knee high by fourth of July” means.

Killer Legends

This is a documentary, not a fiction movie. It details some particularly frightening urban legends and it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s so interesting and scary, you’ll end up with the same feeling of worry with every bump in the night.


I LOVED because it’s a totally new idea for a horror movie — and one I’ve often thought about while watching slash movie antagonists stalk their prey: how would the killer adjust if something went wrong?


This movie will unnerve you next time you’re in a public place that happens to be a little bit abandoned. It takes place on a college campus over Thanksgiving break. There are plenty of security officers around, but that doesn’t stop the main character from being stalked by a menacing masked gang who insist on calling her “Kristy”.

Dark Skies

I don’t know if I’m the only one out there — but alien movies scare me more than almost any other kind. It’s the fear of the unknown, how do you fight off something you know very little about? This movie is full of jumps and scares, turn off all the lights and hold onto each other during the suspenseful scenes.

Don’t Blink

If you’re down to be totally scared on your movie night, save this for another day. However, if you’re up for a fresh concept served with a little bit of cheese, is a good pick. A group of friends go on a retreat to a remote lodge in the woods, when one by one they start disappearing…

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