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The Top 10 Cat Movies to Watch This Sunday


Feeling like you need this Sunday off? Not obligations, not responsibilities. Just you, yourself and your best friend? (We are taking about your cat here) We totally agree! Sometime you just need a Sunday to relax. So we have come up with the perfect movie playlist for you today! Take a look at our top 10 Movies featuring our favorite animal Cats!

  • 10. Nine Lives

    Via: Wikipedia

    Time to see what life is like, through cat eyes!

  • 9. Cats and Dogs

    Via: rogerebert

    A great family movie, especially if dogs and cats are part of the family!

  • 8.The Adventures of Milo and Otis

    Via: gottalovethemmovies

    This movie that proofs that some bonds are unbreakable!

  • 7. Puss in Boots

    Via: dailymail

    Everyone’s favorite Shrek character is back, with his pussy cat big brown eyes and his very stylish boots!

  • 6. Garfield, The Movie

    Via: .hotstar.

    Umm… it’s a movie about Garfield! Who doesn’t love Garfield?!

  • 5. Cats Don’t Dance

    Via: Wikipedia

    So much fun, so much music, so much more understanding how cats became so famous!

  • 4. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

    Via: tv.xfinity

    This is the first movie! Don’t get confused with #2 lost in San Francisco! Anyways, this is the story of a family sticking together through thick and thin and trying to find their humans! 

  • 3. Oliver and Company

    Via: Wikipedia

     Every wonder what the streets are like for animals? Well… it’s not like this but still great fun and maybe one of the best soundtracks ever!? 

  • 2. The Lion King

    Via: Wikipedia

    We know, we know… they are lions… but what is a lion if not just a bigger (way bigger) versus of a cat?

  • 1. The Aristocats

    Via: disney

    Okay, so this amazing Disney movie was released in 1970, but remains to this day as the top cat movie on anyones list! Filled with fun, singing and some sass… this is a must see!

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